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This page lists the administration of this wiki, which are composed of trusted users in this community who help keep this wiki organized and civil. Even though users here have extra tools, they are still equal members of this community. If you have any issues regarding problematic users, if you need to import articles from somewhere else onto here, or if need any other help, please contact one of these users on their user talk page, as we're glad to help!

If you would like to request yourself or another user for user rights on this wiki or vote on pending requests, please visit this subpage.


Bureaucrats are users who have the additional right of granting or removing user rights to other users. However, bureaucrats cannot demote other bureaucrats or forum administrators, or remove their own bureaucrat status. Bureaucrat rights can only be removed by Miraheze stewards.

Usually, bureaucrats are also administrators, although bureaucrats do not have administrator rights as bureaucrats alone.

The bureaucrats on this wiki are:


Administrators, also known as admins, or sysops [system operators] are users who can block and unblock users for a set period of time, delete and restore pages and files, protect and change protection settings of pages from editing by certain users, edit admin-only protected pages, view deleted pages or hidden user contributions in page histories, and edit the wikiwide CSS and JavaScript pages on this wiki. Administrators of this wiki can also rollback edits and forum administration rights, as well as given channel operator (OP) status in the IRC chat. Administrators cannot demote themselves or other administrators, but can be promoted or demoted by a bureaucrat or a Miraheze steward.

The administrators of this wiki are:

Forum administrator

Forum administrators or forum admins are users who just administrate the wiki forum, but don't have admin rights to the rest of the wiki. Forum administrators can create, edit, or delete categories and boards within the forum, as well as edit and delete threads and replies from other users. Wiki administrators are also granted forum administrator rights.

The forum administrators on this wiki are:

  • The wiki administrators


Autopatrolled users are users whose edits automatically marked as both checked and patrolled, and can also edit other users' user pages. Administrators are also given autopatrolled rights.

The autopatrolled users of this wiki are:

  • The wiki administrators.


Rollbackers are users who can quickly rollback edits, by quickly undoing the edits of a certain user to the last edit made by a different users. Admins are also granted rollback rights.

The rollbackers of this wiki are:

  • The wiki administrators

Miraheze stewards

The stewards of Miraheze are users who have administrative rights over all wiki within Miraheze, including this wiki. A list of Miraheze stewards can be found here.