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This page documents the rules and regulations on the Future History Wiki in regards to user conduct when contributing and participating in the community, in which all users contributing to the wiki must follow. In addition to any policies listed here, you must also read and follow Miraheze's global policies since this wiki is hosted on Miraheze, and applies to all wikis hosted on Miraheze. This policy exist in order to promote and maintain a civil, welcoming and respectful community, and to prevent hostility, abuse, unfairness or otherwise disruption of our community and making it difficult for users to enjoy their contributions on this wiki.

Depending on the type and severity of the violation, an administrator on this wiki may ban you from editing and uploading images on this wiki, either for a limited amount of time or indefinitely, at his or her discretion for violating this policy. It is advised for administrators to leave a friendly warning for petty violations of this policy. In additions to the policies of this wiki, the violation of Miraheze's global policies may lead to the termination of your account by Miraheze's stewards.

Every contributor on this wiki must abide to these rules, and these rules apply to all users equally, regardless of the user rights that they might have on this wiki, their real life social status or position, or whatever condition the user might have.

If you have any proposals for any amendments to be made to this policy, please suggest them in the talk page.


For policies relating to page creation and policies, please see the article guidelines of this wiki.


For policies relating to image uploading and usage, please see the image guidelines of this wiki.


As this is a wiki, anyone who is not banned is allowed to edit including unregistered users unless the page is protected in order to prevent certain groups of users from editing. Authors of articles and timelines should be able to protect their own pages if they choose to make their articles closed to editing from other users with the AuthorProtect extension by going into the Protect tab of the page. Also, certain important administrative pages on this wiki, such as this page, are protected so that only administrators are allowed to edit them in order to protect the integrity of this wiki.

Articles that are open to edit can be freely edited by users if their edits are constructive to the topic of the articles. However, there are some restrictions on editing for malicious purposes.


Vandalism is defined as any edit that is destructive. Examples of vandalism include blanking part of or entire pages, inserting incoherent or offensive comments, etc.

Editing articles or scenarios which are closed to contributors

Some authors have chosen to close their content from being edited by other users. Usually these authors would set the page so that only they can edit the page and has put a notice. If the page has not been protected, it is allowed for minor edits to be made by other contributors. Instead, if you have any suggestions or ideas that you think the author should consider incorporating into their article or scenario, please write it in the article's talk page.


Certain content, such as explicit sexual content and gore, are not allowed on the wiki. Content that is not allowed on this wiki include pornographic images, gore images, use of non-free copyrighted material without the owner's permission or using their work in a way that violates the author's copyrights or its license. All files uploaded to this wiki must have a copyright notice attached, and if warranted, to provide a link to the original source and list any modifications made. Any images of such matter will be immediately removed. Repeating to post offensive or copyrighted material will result in a ban.

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment is defined as making personal attacks against another user, such as creating a page about them containing libelous comments against them or insulting them on their user page. Harassment is also defined as discrimination and prejudicial activities on the bases of sex and gender identity, sexual orientation, race and nationality, religion, and political stance. Harassment and discrimination will NOT be tolerated on this wiki.


Spam is unsolicited and unauthorized advertisement of commercial products, services, and websites. Spam is against the policy of both Miraheze and this wiki. Any accounts which are associated with spam will be blocked.


Sockpuppetry is when a person creates alternative or multiple user accounts for the purposes of violating the rules of this wiki or Miraheze so that the actions won't be traced back to you or to circumvent a ban. If you have been suspected of sockpuppetry, all accounts which are associated with you will be banned, and we will contact a Miraheze steward in order to block your IP address from creating additional accounts.

However, if you would like to create an account if your old account has been banned for an indefinite period of time, you might be allowed to do so under the condition that it is not in the purpose of evading a block and continuing the offending behavior.


If your account or IP address has been banned, you can still access information on this wiki. However, you will be disabled from editing or uploading files to this wiki, and sometimes for unregistered users creating an account. You should still be able to edit your talk page in most cases in order to appeal against your ban. Being banned from the wiki is the result of violating wiki policy or Miraheze's gobal policies.

Locally, a wiki administrator has the right to apply and remove bans from users, as well as setting the length of time the ban should last. Bans can also be applied by Miraheze stewards which have global user right across all wikis. It can last from a short or long finite period of time or set indefinitely.

If you want to appeal your ban, you may do so in your own talk page requesting that your ban to be shorted or removed on the condition that you will follow the conventions of this wiki and Miraheze's. However, the decision to unban you will be on the administrators' own discretion.