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The Caribbean Foreign Service Treaty is a treaty King Ismael Perez I made for Caribbean citizens and residences outside the empire. It states that some schools and hospitals outside the empire must have the CFS program.

The CFS Program[edit]

The CFS program is a program that serve in some foreign institutions, especially in the US and the European Empire. Schools with this program must open at 7:30 AM for both Caribbeans and non-Caribbeans, but must let Caribbeans leave at 6:30 PM, if taken doctrinal services or from 7:30 PM to 6:00 AM, if taken nocturnal services 7 days a week with no holiday breaks or summer vacation. They must also give Epitrest school lunches. If schools with this service requires payment, the Caribbean government would pay for a Caribbean to attend the school.

The program also covers certain hospitals as the Caribbean government would pay a Caribbean citizen or resident their medicine, checkup and operations.